Our Goals
Six Goals for Your Child and Family
Loretta Hicks, RN, PNP/ FNP 

Our Staff puts your child

©  Our primary goal is to provide nursing care for your child. Our skilled nurses understand the needs of your medically fragile child- from medications, procedures, and assessments to coordinating with pediatricians, specialists, and skilled medical professionals. They ensure your child’s safety and care as your professional medical team.


© Our second goal is to help your child reach their maximum potential. As any educational and therapeutic professional knows, a child’s development depends greatly on it’s support team to provide intellectual and developmental stimulation. Our staff works with your child, therapist, educators, and YOU to meet their individual educational and therapeutic goals.


©  Our third goal is that your child has fun! A child’s happiness is as important as ANY medical intervention. Children learn, grow, and develop, joyfully, at Loretta’s Little Miracles because of the social and happy environment we provide. Nothing compares to a fun and social environment!

Let us help you focus on yourself and your loved ones!
© Our fourth goal is to help you meet YOUR needs. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers GIVE THEIR ALL to their medically fragile child, and at times either cannot, or will not, meet their needs for sleep or nutrition. When you don't get enough sleep, you see things with “grey glasses”. Enough sleep will brighten your outlook and ability to enjoy each day. With enough rest, you can focus on healthy eating, going to the grocery store for fresh foods, avoiding a poor diet, and taking time to take care of yourself!


© Our fifth goal is to build, or rebuild, relationships. Parents and caregivers are VERY good at working, coordinating, and collaborating to meet the needs of their medically fragile child; but good parents still need time for each other!  Date your spouse and enjoy their company; spend time together, versus working together. You don’t have to spend money or be extravagant; it’s the quiet heartfelt times that you will remember and cherish.


© Our sixth goal is to support the whole family unit. Caring for a medically fragile child is a family effort that extends to siblings as well. Siblings learn a great deal of patience, understanding, and care skills very early in life, yet commonly will, like their parents, put their own needs aside for the sake of their brother or sister with medical needs. Take the opportunity for siblings to grow as individual children in the family unit. Spend time with each child, take the time to relax, eat, play, and grow together as a family.


Celebrate the big and small victories you make while your child is at Loretta's: 
(from current & previous LLM families) 
  •  I had a nap
  •  I went back to school
  •  We went on a walk
  •  I had time for myself
  •  We built a fort
  •  I went grocery shopping
  •  We went to church
  •  I started a job
  •  I went to the gym
  •  I met a friend for coffee
  •  I graduated school
  •  We made dinner
  •  We saw a movie
  •  We cleaned the house
  •  I took a bubble bath
  •  I joined a parent group

My family and I reached our potential because my child is safe, happy, and having fun at Loretta’s!


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