Hours & Care

Part Time Day Care*

  • Newborn through age 21
  • For children ages 0-8 years have fewer resources available to them and Loretta's Little Miracles is able to fill that gap 
  • For children ages 8-21 years we are more ancillary due to the children being of school age 
  • Before & After School Care
  • Children of "Stay at Home" Parents
  • Children of mothers receiving IHHS.
  • Before & After Medical / Therapies Appointments
  • School Holidays, Breaks, Furlough days
  • Weekend overnights 
  • As a supplement to Home Health Nursing
  • When you just need a break!

*Part time is a minimum of four hours attendance per day, sixteen hours per week, unless approved by PDHC director. 

Full Time Day Care

  • Infants & Toddlers - Preschool Preparation
  • Children of Parents Working or In School/College
  • Children With Extensive Medical/ Nursing Needs Who Cannot Attend School
  • Children in Foster Care

Limited Overnight Care

Each child enrolled Part Time or Full Time at Loretta's Little Miracles is also eligible for a limited number of overnight stays each year. Overnight care is provided on approval by PDHC Director only. 

Respite Care

As a Pediatric Day Health Care facility, Loretta's Little Miracles does not prove "respite services" as provided by Central Valley Regional Center-CVRC.
Families of children enrolled at Loretta's enjoy "respite" by definition while their children attend our daycare, but our billing and services are
Nursing Services. 

[See Insurance/Fees for more information] 

Hours of Operation

Extended Hours
Overnight (24hrs)
Date night


*Hours are flexible and based on child & family needs.
Subject to change. 

Contact Us for more information regarding hours.

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