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Loretta's Little Miracles: Innovative & Unique Option for Families

Loretta's Little Miracles is the only daycare for children with nursing needs in the Central Valley. Serving families since 2009, Loretta and Doug Hicks have created a "home away from home" for children with nursing needs, but very different from the rest. Loretta's Little Miracles is the "missing link" in the care options for children with medical needs, providing a combination of Nursing Services and Daycare  under one roof.

We serve children and their families; providing the "village" it requires to care for any child, let alone a child with medical needs. We offer Customized Collaborative Care;  working with service providers, physicians, specialists, educators, therapists, and families to identify and meet every need of each individual child at Loretta's Little Miracles. 


We offer convenience and flexibility to families while providing nursing care for children with medical needs in a comfortable, social and active setting. 

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